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Many people might ask what does "Help Me Help You" mean, and what do these shirts represent...? My straightforward answer is to remember that it is not just about YOU in the world, but relatively a whole that can either be separated or MAGNETIZED together as one.

The purpose of THE SHIRT is mainly to open a clear view of TOGETHERNESS and hope that we will all seek answers and eventually help one another. Help from family, friends, and even an unexpected candidate that will most likely be yours truthfully.

Last but no least it is to know that in these times, the person in need of the most help could be our next-door neighbor.

Help is not a word to be ashamed of, but rather a word to embrace. Be proud to know that help is an answer that can be shared to ones own true destiny.

"So while you help me, I too can help you."

It is the Universal Way!!!

$17.99 each
$30 for 2!
Shirt 1 Size
Shirt 2 Size
Written By: Corinthian D. Kelly
Inspired by the Love of God
10th day of July, 2008